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The Beginning Of Something Great…

AUCO Marketing is a brand management and digital marketing company based in Calgary since 2012. We help businesses get the most from their marketing budgets with high-impact, low-cost strategies. The internet is a level playing field and you don’t have to be a big player to make your mark. What you do need is a solid strategy and someone who can navigate your brand through the digital landscape. We focus on building lasting relationships and providing ongoing support for small and medium size businesses. We want to work closely with you and help achieve your marketing goals.

Some Of Our Popular Services

You can now say with confidence “I’ve got someone for that”!

Website Design

Website Design

High-performance websites that support your brand.

Google Adwords

Google Ads

Display, video and search campaigns to target potential customers.

social media marketing

Social Media

Interest-based and demographic targeting for your services.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Nurture new leads and stay connected with current customers.

WordPress | Content Management Systems

WordPress CMS

New WordPress websites or help with your existing website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Converion Rates

Optimize your website and digital footprint to get more customers.

Lead Management

Lead Management

Keep track of potential new customers across all platforms.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Better experiences from dedicated campaign pages.

What makes us different?

We are a collaborative team of marketing professionals. We each contribute specialized skills and expertise in different areas. When you work with AUCO Marketing you get the benefit of the whole team.

We consider our clients to be part of our extended family. Your success becomes our mission. Wherever you are at with your marketing, we will do what it takes to get you to where you want to be. If you don’t feel like you are being taken care of, then we aren’t doing our job!

The People

…the team… the family… however you put it, these are some of the best people to work with!

Mark Dumouchel

Brand Manager

Mark has focused on helping small and medium sized businesses achieve their marketing goals with an emphasis on digital marketing strategies and platforms. He works hard and is committed to seeing clients reach their full potential.

Taylor Burley

Brand Manager

Taylor is dedicated to crafting easy-to-execute strategies that will have a big impact for brand awareness and recognition. His passion for marketing insight allows him to translate deep analytic information into simple English for clients to understand.

Anna Hunt

Content Marketing

From writing daily blog posts and newsletters to web and print content, she offers superlative content marketing and copywriting skills. With her knack for thinking both critically and creatively, she crafts engaging content that resonates with the public. We are delighted to have her as a member of our team.

Ching Li

Content Marketing

Ching is a content creator specializing in photography. His passion for storytelling allows him to create authentic moments for brands to engage with their audiences. A picture says a thousand words and Ching takes thousands of pictures.

Brook Berry

Social Campaign Strategist

Brook is a distinguished member of the local blogging community and is part of a nationwide network of opinion leaders and social influencers. Her experience developing and executing social strategies make her an asset on any team.

Megan Stringham

Digital Media Coordinator

Megan can re-imagine a scene and give it new meaning with a gentle touch. She supports the team by developing images, coordinating content and managing the media to support our campaigns. With her help everything stays on track and properly formatted for each platform.

Crystal Cervantes

Social Media Manager

Crystal is a writer and a photographer and has been involved with social media since it‘s inception. She understands that each brand has it’s own voice and focuses on helping brands distinguish themselves to stand out above the noise.

Our Clients

It’s not business, it’s personal… we LOVE our clients!