Content Management Systems

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When Do I Need A Content Management System?

  1. You want to be able to access and edit your website content
  2. You want some control over the thematic elements of the site
  3. You receive and store information on your site (ie. contact forms)
  4. You continually create and publish new content for your site
  5. You want the freedom to make easy changes to your site in the future
content management system | create new pages


Create new pages or articles with the click of a button.
content management systems | edit page


Make easy changes with no technical skills required.
content management system updates


Manage your own webstie and keep you software up to date.

Introduction To Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is a program installed with your website that allows you to access and edit certain elements from an easy to use interface rather than making changes via FTP or by accessing the source files. There is an abundance of website publishing services that offer their own proprietary version of a content management system. Some popular publishing services include Wix, SquareSpace, and GoDaddy’s DIY website builder. The alternative, and more popular option, is to use a free open-source content management system like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. The open-source CMS concept has changed the way modern websites are designed and built. With thousands of developers contributing themes and plugins it is easier than ever to create a professional site. Some of the themes are out-of-the box solutions for a prescribed look and feel, others allow you to create a fully customized appearance. Plugins control the functionality of the website and come in all shapes and sizes. With the abundance of software contributions comes an equal abundance of discussion and support. Each content management system has an interface, or dashboard, where you can access each element of your site.

Content Management Systems In Calgary

WordPress is easily the most popular content management system with more websites published than any other CMS, including some of the top websites globally. Calgary has a strong community of WordPress users that both develop and design using the WordPress platform. Due to it’s ease of use and overall popularity WordPress is the platform of choice for many local businesses. With many agencies and freelancers offering specific WordPress services, there is some assurance that there will always be someone able to help manage, update or redesign your WordPress site. Joomla and Wix are also frequently seen with Calgary businesses, Wix being a fully managed website publishing service.

Our Approach To Content Management Systems

We have experience with all of the popular website builders and content management systems. Our approach is to make managing your website as easy as possible for you. We also want you to have the freedom to use multiple providers to manage or edit the site down the road. We will avoid using less popular CMS platforms unless you have an existing site that you want us to manage. WordPress is often favoured due to the abundance of ressources and support. We offer full CMS training on new websites and ongoing support if you choose to manage the site in-house.