Conversion Rate Optimization

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When Do I Need Conversion Rate Optimization?

  1. You want to generate new leads for your business
  2. You are actively campaigning for new leads
  3. You want to increase your sales from new lead generation
  4. You use your website to collect new lead information
  5. You are getting a lot of website traffic but limited service enquiries
conversion rate optimization monitoring


Monitor and analyze website traffic. Identify drop-off points.
conversion rate optimization | A/B testing


Identify and test different conversion factors. Track performance.
conversion rate optimization


Continue to test new factors until the conversion rate is optimized.

Introduction To Conversion Rate Optimization

You have a website and you are getting traffic. The next step is getting visitors to take action on your site. By managing the user experience on your site you can promote actions that help you connect with potential customers. Visitor action should always be part of your website strategy and is a core component of your lead generation strategy. Identifiable actions that lead to new customers are: calling a phone number, submitting a request for a quote, subscribing to a mailing list, registering for an event, purchasing a product/service, sending an email, sending an SMS, filling out a form or even clicking a specific link. Your website strategy will identify which actions you are focused on and how you will promote them to your visitors. When a visitor takes the desired action they travel further through the conversion funnel until they become customers. Your conversion rate is an objective measurement of how many new customers or new leads are generated through actions on your website. Conversion factors are elements on your site that negatively or posatively influence more visitors to take action. By identifying the conversion factors in your industry and for your specific audiences you can test multiple versions of a website with different factors. This is known as A/B testing. The version that converts more visitors is more valuable and can replace any previous versions.

Conversion Rate Optimization In Calgary

Conversion rate optimization is popular with most third-party landing page platforms like UnBounce. Companies will use these platforms to create multiple variants of a landing page as part of their lead generation campaigns. The platforms have built-in analytic software to track and record results. The same concept is now being applied to entire websites. Full pages or single page elements are tested against each other to identify the highest performing version. Companies that have a focus on conversion rate optimization report steady rate increases over time. In an increasingly digital world it will become increasingly important to maximize the effectiveness of your website and lead generation campaigns.

Our Approach To Conversion Rate Optimization

We start by understanding your customers and the experience that they would like to have when browsing you website or searching for products and services. It is also important to understand how they are coming to your website. People who find you via social media may be expecting a different experience than people who find you through a Google search. This all factors into your optimization strategy. Once we understand the customer journey we want to seperate potential customers from other visitors. By removing distractions and prompting them to take action we can help guide their journey. In most cases the action you want them to take is either contacting you directly or submitting their information so you can contact them. We can test conversion factors on seperate landing pages and then apply them to your site or we can test them directly on your site. Traffic will be divided among each variant until a clear winner is identified. As the process repeats itself you will get closer and closer to the best possible version of your website.