Customer Relationship Management

When Is Customer Relationship Management A Good Idea?

  1. You have a business that has customers
  2. You want to improve the customer experience
  3. You want to get more repeat-business
  4. You want more positive customer reviews
  5. You want more referrals from satisfied customers
Customer Relationship Management | Organization


Keep track of your current and past customers. Track the outcome of each interaction.
Customer Relationship Management | Segments


Divide customers into demographic, geographic, psychographic or behavioural groups.
Customer Relationship Management | Automation


Use automation to manage touch-points and marketing campaigns. Keep in touch.

Introduction To Customer Relationship Management

What is the value of a customer versus the value of a sale? The value of a customer is equal to all of the business that they bring you throughout their life. This is often called the “lifetime value” of a customer. A loyal customer base will keep you in business for a long time. That is why we focus on making customers, not sales. It is also true that less ressources are generally required to keep an existing customer than to find a new one. It is more economical to generate repeat business from your existing customer-base than to generate business from new leads. Most good marketing strategies have elements of both. The best way to keep a loyal customer-base is to keep track of your customer relationships. If your current system is just to remember everything in your head then I am sorry to say that you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Customer relationship management (CRM) involves mapping out the customer experience and identifying your interactions with them along the way. You can create and manage “touch-points” that lead to a positive experience and repeat business.

Customer Relationship Management In Calgary

CRM is an important part of any long-term business model. Most big businesses have known and practiced this for decades. Small businesses have had a harder time, usually due to lack or ressources and infrastructure. In the modern digital age there should be no more excuses. There are plenty of great applications to help keep track of customers and manage touch-points. Innovated companies have integrated their CRM system with other systems to automate tasks and become more efficient. When a new lead becomes a customer they can be automatically imported. When a job is complete and email can be automatically sent asking for a review. Businesses can also mange customer feedback or issues with automated support tickets. Any good relationship required constant attention and effort. The customer relationship is no different. Many small businesses in Calgary are starting to realize this.

Our Approach To Customer Relationship Management

Most of what we do is designed to make your life easier. We know that you don’t have time to review your customer database and update the status of each job all the time. We have found that many of the “all-in-one” CRM applications available are complex and time consuming. Our best experiences have come from understanding the bare basics of each business and providing a solution that gives you only what you need.