Directory Listings

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When Should I Focus On Directory Listings?

  1. You have a business with a physical location and address
  2. Your business takes place at your location or within a certain service area
  3. You want customers to be able to find your location information
  4. Your competitors share the same geographic market segments
  5. Your customers use Google or other search engines to find your services
Directory Listings


Have a strong local presence on Google and other search engines.
Directory Listing Consistency


Make yourself  easy to find and support your local search rankings.
Industry Directory Listings


Create listings on local directories and industry-specific platforms.

Introduction To Directory Listings

Business directories come in all shapes and sizes and with different features. At a bare minimum online directories offer a searchable index of businesses with their Name, Address, and Phone Number. Anyone can create a directory and there are thousands of them. Some directories are industry specific, others are for certain locations only. Some offer free listings, and others require payment. Directory listings support your online presence by proliferating your basic information, sometimes including service details and a link to your website. Major search engines use directory listings as a signal for their own local search results. Search engines like Google will display local results on a map just below the sponsored ads. So even if a certain directory seems less valuable, it may contribute to your local search results on major search engines. For this reason it has become a significant part of online brand management. Companies use programs to find and monitor their directory listings across hundress of the most popular sites. They can then optimize each listing with additional information and ensure that their listings are consistent. The association with certain branded directories can also be beneficial to businesses.

Directory Listings In Calgary

Since the advent of Google’s local listings and the adoption of local listings on all major search engines businesses have been competing to rank in the top spots. Businesses are seeking out and listing themselves on as many free directories as possible and some paid directories too. Programmers have joined in on the fun by creating applications to search for directories and monitor your listings for you. Consistent name, phone number, and address information is important. Some businesses have changed names or locations but have failed to update their listings. This makes it harder for them to rank on local search results under the new name/address. Strategic companies will allocate ressources to keeping all information accurate. In many cases this is managed with the aid of an application or by a third-party service.

Our Approach To Directory Listings

It is important to have a positioning strategy prior to listing your business everywhere on the internet. With a clear strategy we will know what to share about your company on each directory and how to share it. While we are working with you on strategy we will also be searching through hundreds of the most popular directories to find existing listings. You will be able to access each listing from your own personal campaign dashboard. We will update outdated listings, delete duplicates and begin listing your business on sites that will support your position locally. It can take weeks and even months for listings to appear on certain sites. You will be able to monitor them and view our progress from your dashboard. Talk to us about starting a listing campaign and how it can support your other online strategies.