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When Is Google AdWords A Good Idea?

  1. Your customers use Google to search for your services
  2. You want to generate new leads for your business
  3. You want to target potential customers in a specific geographic area
  4. You want past visitors to return to your website
  5. You want your brand displayed on relevant websites and blogs
google adwords visability


Be seen at the right time – when potential customers are searching for your services.
google adwords targeting


Target potential customers by city, postal code, or distance from your business.
google adwords remarketing


Advertise to potential customers who have already visited your website or interacted with you online.

Introduction To Google AdWords

AdWords is Google’s platform for creating and managing ads on their search engine, with search partners, across their display network, and on YouTube. Given the immense size of their network and overall user base, advertising with Google has become extremely popular. Businesses can create text ads, images, and videos to promote their products or services.

A variety of campaigns are possible depending on your marketing goals. In any campaign you are able to specify the locations and devices (desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones) you would like to target. You can set a daily advertising budget and specify a bidding strategy for each campaign or advertisement.

Google AdWords In Calgary

Sponsored listings on Google’s search engine have been popular in Calgary for a long time. These types of campaigns are used to promote specific services and generate new leads, but not all industries are equally involved. In highly competative industries businesses can spend over $100 for one click. When competition is low you can be spending less than $1 per click. Calgary has experienced the full range of competition.

As Google search campaigns become more competative, AdWords strategies expand to include display and video advertising. Display ads can be published on websites and blogs that are relevent to your potential customers. The visual nature of these ads allow you to capture the audience’s attention and push awareness for your brand or company.

Our Approach To Google AdWords

We have had great experiences with Google AdWords as a lead generation tool for small and medium size businesses in different industries. When designing an AdWords campaign, our first step is to understand your ideal customers and how they search for your services online. We have several tools at our disposal to help identify the keyword phrases and terminology they use in their search queries. We can find out how many searches are done each month for each keyword phrase grouping and identify how many companies are already competing for those clicks. We can use your desired budget, or our own suggested budget, to estimate the amount of traffic that could be generated and the average cost-per-click.

There is so much data availalbe from Google that you should have a fairly good idea of what you are getting into prior to launching a campaign. Research and planning are always the first steps. It is also important to consistently maintain the campaigns to ensure optimal performance. We spend time each week reviewing and maintaining your campaigns. We also spend time watching each major competitor and any changes they make to their campaigns.