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When Are Landing Pages A Good Idea?

  1. You have a steady source of inbound traffic
  2. You want visitors to focus on a specific action (ie. complete lead form)
  3. You want to optimize the rate of visitors that turn into leads
  4. You want to test different conversion factors (AKA – A/B testing)
  5. You want to represent a single product or service
Landing Pages | Enhance Campaigns


Enhance each campaign with a dedicated page. Gain  control over user experience.
Landing PAges | Conversion Rate Optimization


Use proven frameworks to track and increase your campaign conversion rate.
Landing Pages | Return On Investment


Track your cost-per-conversion. Understand which channels are the most effective.

Introduction To Landing Pages

Landing pages are commonly used in online marketing to help qualify potential customers and filter them through to the next stage of conversion. Landing page messaging is simple and refined to eliminate distractions. Visitors are presented with a tailored experience designed to get their interaction. Each page is (or should be) attached to a conversion goal. It could be submitting an online form, registering for an event, making a purchase, initiating a chat, clicking through to another page or any other action that brings them one step closer to the final goal.

Landing pages can be built-in to your company website or they can be hosted through a third-party application. There are proven frameworks to help promote certain actions, but the experience still relies heavily on the presentation. When making improvements to a campaign, marketers will often test multiple versions of the landing page with live traffic to see which one generates the most conversions. This is commonly known as A/B testing. Campaigns can be improved upon over time in this way. Landing pages can also help with conversion tracking, which enables you to determine the return on your campaign expenses. They are powerful tools when used with lead management and customer relationship management tools.

Landing Pages In Calgary

Anyone who has run a pay-per-click campaign or advertised a company website has used landing pages, but not always correctly. In some less competative industries it is common to see companies linking their online ads to their main website’s home page. In this case, the home page is the landing page. This could be enough if the visitor has a posative experience and is able to find relevant information on their own. They are left to themselves to navigate and determine what action should be taken. This is rarely the optimal setup.

Companies in competative industries are already making full use of dedicated landing pages for each campaign. Langing pages are an integral part of lead generation campaigns for many Calgary businesses. Innovators and early adopters have been testing alternate versions for years now and have achieved a high-converting page as their main lead source. We are now at the early majority stage of landing page adoption into campaign strategies.

Our Approach To Landing Pages

We suggest landing pages for all of our lead generation campaigns, especially if your company is entering into a new market. Industry trends and competitor intelligence can help us identify potential conversion factors for your company. We start by setting up alternate versions of an attractive landing page to test each factor. It is important to ensure that the pages have a steady flow of traffic. As we monitor the pages and track conversions we can direct traffic to the page with the highest converting power. We will monitor competing pages and industry trends to identify further potential for conversion rate optimization.

Depending on your lead collection and management strategy we may suggest different landing page setups. We can work with your current website to customize a page for the optimal landing experience. This page will be part of your website, but will be strategically designed to minimize distractions and collect leads. We can also create a sub-domain page for you that is hosted with you main website, but in a seperate directory (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means). Lastly, we work with various third-party applications that enable us to create beautiful pages that can integrate with your customer relationship management tools. Talk to us about how landing pages can enhance your campaigns.