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“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

-Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Get in front of the right people – those who are looking for your products or services!


Focus on a positive experience with strategic landing pages and communication channels!


Use proven frameworks to convert more leads into customers. Maximize your sales!


Monitor and adjust lead generation campaigns based on leads generated, conversions and ROI!




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We  built this page as a ressource for small and medium size businesses and we hope that it helps you with your lead generation strategy and campaigns. Even more than that, we hope that you will get in touch with us so we can be a part of it.

Lead Generation | An Introduction

An Introduction To Lead Generation

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, you can’t have a business without customers. How many customers you need and how frequently they use your services may vary depending on your industry and business model.

We consider lead generation to be any marketing activities aimed towards identifying and cultivating potential new customers for your business. In a digital world there are limitless opportunities to share your brand and offer your products or services. Potential customers can be easily grouped into different segments based on demographic, geographic, personal interest, and behavioural information gathered from multiple sources. A good lead generation campaign will target segments that are likely to use your products or services and put you directly in-touch with them. A great lead generation campaign will create touch-points throughout the entire customer decision-making process, providing additional value to potential customers and establishing a relationship.

Calgary Lead Generation

Lead Generation In Calgary

We are getting to a point where the majority of consumers in Calgary turn to online sources prior to making a buying decision. From Google searches to social media reviews and beyond, the internet is a primary source of information throughout the decision-making process. As “baby-boomers” leave the workforce and retire there is a new generation of “digital-natives” coming in. This has affected how most industries target and nurture potential customers. Many companies have been experiencing great success with online lead generation and have ongoing campaigns for a steady stream of new leads. It has almost become necessary for companies in competative industries to establish themselves online in order to compete for new business. If you are only beginning online lead generation now, you may be late to the party. There are still a few industries however where traditional methods are stilled preferred or are common practice.

Lead Generation Strategy

Our Approach To Lead Generation

If you are in a situation where you would like a consistent stream of new customers, then lead generation should be a primary focus throughout all of your marketing. The first steps for a successful camapaign are always research and planning. We help you define your ideal customer and identify where they are spending their time online. We look at how your competitors are reaching them and how well they are responding. Based on your product or service we will map out ideal customer experiences and design strategic touch-points to filter in new customers. The final element for succesful lead generation is clear and direct channels of communication. We will work with you or your sales staff to establish these channels  and ensure that your processes help maximize the amount of leads that convert to new customers.

Lead Generation Services:

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Target potential customers looking for your products or services.
Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Advertise to engaged audiences based on their interests and behaviour.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Stay connected with new leads and work with them until they are ready to move forward.
Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Enhance each campaign with a dedicated page. Gain contrrol of user experience.
Live Chat

Live Chat

Initiate conversation with potential customers. Collect their information.
Lead Management

Lead Management

Create multiple streams and increase positive interactions. Convert more leads.