Online Review Management

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When Should I Focus On Managing Online Reviews?

  1. Potential customers use the internet to search for your services
  2. You are in an industry with many online competitors
  3. Customer satisfaction is part of your brand promise
  4. You want to position your brand as more reputable than the competition
  5. You currently have one or more negative review(s) on an online platform
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Your brand messaging presented consistently to new audiences on multiple platforms.
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Interact with engaged audiences. Have positive experiences and stand out.
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Forge strategic connections. Stand out as an expert or opinion-leader in your industry.

Introduction To Online Review Management

Another way of looking at this is “Reputation Management”. This is one area of digital marketing that is very difficult to ignore. There are hundreds of review platforms, but only a core set that recieve mainstream attention. Some of them, like Yelp, are more social, and others, like Yellow Pages, are business directories. As consumers take their information-search online it is inevitable that they will see reviews for your company/services/products. Businesses are faced with two choices: pay attention, or don’t. The choice you make sends a message to potential customers about the service they may recieve. Businesses can pay attention to online reviews by monitoring popular platforms and responding when a review is left. The response sends a message that you are listening and that you care about the customers. Even with negative reviews a careful response can show potential customers that you are commited to a high standard of customer service.

Managaing reviews is easier when you solicit reviews from customers who have had positive experiences. Customers who feel they have had negative experiences are more motivated to leave a review. A simple invitation to a customer who has had a posative experience is often enough. If you are not soliciting positive reviews then you are allowing your brand to be misrepresented.

Online Review Management In Calgary

It is getting harder to keep track of all the review platforms. This has opened the gates for program developpers to create applications to monitor thousands of sites and report back to you when you recieve a review. Businesses are using these platforms to keep track of their ratings across the internet. If any particular platform has a disporportionate amount of negative reviews, the proactive review solicitation helps it become more ballanced. In some cases this is automated, and in others it is done manually.

Our Approach To Online Review Management

We collaborate all of your online reviews into one easy-to-use dashboard. This gives us a picture of your online reputation. We will know, based on your industry, where potential customers will go to research your credibility. By focusing on gaining positive reviews on popular platforms we will help you present an accurate depiction of your brand. It is sometimes difficult for small business owners to respond to negative reviews. We will work with you on a policy to help guide you through the process based on the severity of the feedback. If needed, we  can respond on your behalf and help resolve any issues with a full service recovery. Talk to us about online review management and start monitoring your reviews today.