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“I’ve never been reckless – it’s always calculated. I’m mischievious, but I’m calculated.”

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Be in the right places at the right time to reach people who are looking for you.
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Be consistent with the same brand messaging across each online platform.
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Know your competitors, where they are online and how they are competing.
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Develop a brand promise that resonates with target audiences.




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In a competative environment it is important for your brand to stand out and resonate with audiences. What makes your company different? How can you show it? We offer a free consultation to help provide strategy and direction.

Brand Positioning | An Introduction

An Introduction To Brand Positioning

First, consider what you WOULD LIKE your customers to think about you, your company, or your brand. Now consider their ACTUAL experience with you, your company, or your brand and ask yourself if the two are consistent. Controling what people think about you is impossible, but it can be heavily influenced by the experiences that they have with your brand. This is what brand positioning is all about –  strategically parking your company in your customers’ (or potential customers’) minds and maintaining that figurative space. The challenge of positioning your brand in the mind of your customers can be competitive. There are almost always multiple companies going for the same space. Differentiating yourself from the competition is a key element of brand positioning. The internet provides limitless opportunities for audiences to see and interact with your brand. The first few interactions will already begin to shape their ideas about you and your company. Take control of those interactions. Are you going to be “just another company…” or are you going to be “THE company”? Decide how you want to be seen and apply it to every level of your marketing strategy.

Brand Positioning In Calgary

Brand Positioning In Calgary

Many industries in Calgary are highly fragmented, meaning that there are a lot of small companies rather than a few big companies. This presents a unique competitive challenge. For consumers, there are just too many providers of products or services to keep up with. The challenge for small businesses is to get attention in the first place, and then to make a lasting impression. It is no small feat. Companies have been using online strategies including search engine optimization and social media marketing as a means to target specific audiences and introduce their brand. Some of them stop there, paying no attention to key positioning factors that are becoming more important to consumers. Online directories and review sites now play a major role in shaping your reputation. They can’t be ignored. The value you bring your customers through your website and social media are also key differentiating factors. Standing out and winning the minds of Calgarians requires strategy and consistency. It requires paying attention to your audience and the competition.

Brand Positioning Strategy

Our Approach To Brand Positioning

There are so many things happening on the internet with a constant barrage of new platforms and services every week. Business owners are bombarded by salespeople and pressured into joining new websites and launching campaigns. It can get heavy. Small businesses have limited ressources and a practical approach must be taken. The last thing we want is for you to “burn-out” trying to do everything. We will work with you to develop a positioning statement and then help determine the best places to compete based on your industry. We will make sure that your positioning strategy comes through in your website and is consistent across any other relevant platforms. A key element to making and maintaining a good impression with potential customers is understanding how they interact with companies in your industry and their expectations. We will help map-out the “touch-points” where customers interact with your company. This includes pre-sale, during the sale/service, and afterwards. By managing these touch-points we guide customers through a positive experience. We lay the foundation for a long-term relationship with repeat-business, positive reviews, and referrals.

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