Social Media Marketing

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When Is Social Media Marketing A Good Idea?

  1. Your ideal customers are social media users
  2. You want to generate new leads for your business
  3. You want to retain loyal customers
  4. You have an actionable goal in mind for your audience
  5. You want to increase your online presence
social media marketing targeting


Demographic, location, buyer behaviour, and interest-based targeting.
social media marketing engagement


Get face to face with potential customers and increase your one-on-one interactions.
social media marketing presence


Gain brand recognition and stand out as an authority figure in your industry.

Introduction To Social Media Marketing

Social media is the #1 use of the internet. The thrills of gaining a following and recieving frequent updates are literally addictive. These are the places online where everyone is spending their time. As a company striving to understand and connect with your market, it only makes sense for you to spend some time here too. Get to know the people, introduce them to your brand, and invite them to become customers. The depth of your involvement will depend on your ressources and marketing goals. You can simply buy some virtual ad-space and hope people notice it, or you can get involved and stand out as an opinion leader in your industry.

Social media platforms are constantly evolving to provide more customized, tailored experiences for their users. This includes marketing opportunities for businesses. Most major platforms have advertising tools built-in to facilitate campaigns for different marketing goals. Popular campaign objectives include increasing brand awareness, driving  traffic to a specific site, promoting follower engagement, and generating new leads for your business (to name a few).

Social Media Marketing In Calgary

This is perhaps one of the most misunderstood forms of online marketing. Some companies swear by it, and others “don’t see the point…”. You can tell which is which by looking at  their profile pages. Most companies in Calgary have profiles set up at least on Facebook, with many also having profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. More ambitious companies will also have YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp, and other niche platforms (ie. Houzz, TripAdvisor, etc…). For some companies, the profiles were set up years ago and haven’t been touched since. For others, there are periods of regular status updates and shared content followed by long periods of abandonment. The difference between success and failure with social media marketing is simple…  it is strategy. The companies in Calgary that are succesful on social media have social strategies that tie into their larger marketing goals and are integrated with all of their marketing efforts. You can tell who they are because they are consistently present, which leads them to large followings and follower engagement.

There is a growing trend on social media for business inquiries through the platforms themselves. People don’t always click through to your landing page or website anymore. They will reach out through comments or direct messages. Facebook is one platform that has developed tools to help businesses gather leads this way. People can fill out a lead generation form right on your company page. You can also set up automated messages that lead to real-time conversations with potential customers.

Our Approach To Social Media Marketing

The first step with social media marketing is defining your target market and aligning it with available audiences. If your ideal clients spend time on Facebook, then it should be included in your overal strategy. Major platforms each have a large user-base, but their audiences are slightly different. We will look at your ideal clients to determine how they like to interact with brands online. We will then work with you to develop a plan for your company to be relevant in each space and stand out from competitors. Each campaign should be linked to a clear objective. Lead generation and audience engagement are two that we are very familiar with. We will monitor the campaigns over time and use key-indicators to guage their performace. Our goal is to maximize the benefit of your social media advertising budget.

Managing ads is only one part of social media marketing. Strategic posting and content sharing can also contribute to your marketing goals. We will work with you to develop a content schedule that is manageable and constructive to your campaigns. As we monitor social trends we can make adjustments to the campaigns and leverage the viral nature of each platform.