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When Do I Need Website Hosting?

  1. All websites and applications must be hosted somewhere
  2. Website hosting is sometimes packaged with website design and managed for you
  3. A new website does not always require a new hosting account
  4. Larger websites with advanced functionality may require greater hosting ressources
  5. Small business websites generally require minimal ressources
website hosting size


Have enough hosting ressources in place to effectively manage the size of your site.
website hosting speed


Have a high-performing website that loads fast and ranks high.
websit hosting security


Keep your website secure from hackers and bots. Protect any personal information.

Introduction To Website Hosting

Your website is nothing more than a collection of text and files with some written instructions on how they work together. In order for the public to access your website, the files need to be saved somewhere and be readily available. Most websites have their files saved (or hosted) on servers provided by website hosting companies. When someone types in your domain name they are directed to the server where your files are stored. Web browsers like Google Chrome or Safari read the instruction files and create a visual representation of the site for your audience to interact with. How fast your website loads depends partly on the speed of the servers where you files are being hosted. There are also security implementations that can be set up at the server level to protect your files. When you purchase website hosting you are essentially buying disk space on a server somewhere. Once you have access to that space there are different ways to configure it depending on your requirements.

Website Hosting In Calgary

The easiest and most economical way to host a website is by using one of the major online hosting companies. Some companies manage all of their own accounts, including their domain registrar, hosting account, content management system and any other integrated applications. Without preexisting technical knowledge it can be quite time consuming and frustrating. There have been many good experiences with managed services that manage the hosting on behalf of the company.

Our Approach To Website Hosting

We believe that companies should have ownership of their files and the ability to access them independently if needed. This ensures that changes can be made without risking losing the site or any of its assets. We work with third-party hosting companies to provide you the ressources you require at the best price available. If your current hosting term is close to expiry we can help you migrate your site to lower-cost provider. If you have an existing hosting account already in place we can help with configuration.