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When Do I Need Website Management?

  1. You want to ensure consistent performance and fast speeds
  2. You want to monitor and mitigate potential security threats
  3. Your website relies on software that requires periodic updates
  4. You want to track users and monitor their behaviour
  5. You want to track your website compared to competing sites
website management performance


Make sure that your website offers a consistent high-performance experience.
website management analytics


Monitor user activity to identify strengths and weaknesses. Gain user-experience insight.
website management updates


Avoid security threats and bugs with frequent scans, periodic backups and regular software updates.

Introduction To Website Management

Websites are not a “set it and forget it” solution, although they are sometimes treated that way. There are so many ways that a poor website can have a negative impact on your image. The solution is not to avoid having a website all together, it is to pay attention to your website and manage it effectively. Someone should be paying constant attention to your website and making sure that it is always available and performing as desired. As you pay attention to your website you will gain insight into how visitors are using it and the kind of experiences they are having. When you widen your focus and pay attention to what competitors are doing on their sites you gain further insight and can make strategic decisions that will keep you on top. In a digital world, don’t let your website be the weak-link in your customer experience. Make sure it has the attention it needs.

Website Management In Calgary

Companies are faced with two choices. Manage their website “in-house” or contract someone to manage it for them. In-house website management usually falls to the IT or Marketing department, but for small operations it could also be the administrative staff. Some level of technical skills are required to navigate the digital landscape. Specific training for website management is sometimes provided by the developer.

Our Approach To Website Management

We take the website manager role seriously. We immediately start monitoring your site’s performance and security. If there are any potential issues we take proactive measures to make sure your site continues to operate as desired. Part of this includes saving periodic backups to a third-party server in case of a malicious attack or corrupted software. We  can always fall-back on a previous version of your site if need be. We will monitor traffic on your website with anaytic software to help us understand how people are using your site. We can keep track of their experiences and provide suggestions for improvement as part of our monthly reports. Finally, we keep track of your competitors and changes they make to their websites. Understanding their strategies and tactics can give an edge on your brand positioning.