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“I’d like to think I am taking people on a journey; I am not just entertaining people, but giving them something to think about when they leave.”

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Share your brand with audiences on all devices. Create an ideal mobile experience.
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Formatted and optimized with fast page speeds and high-ranking potential on search engines.
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Track website traffic and gain insight into the user experience. Optimize the conversion rate.
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24/7 performance and threat monitoring. Full management and support for your business website.




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There is nothing we want more than to see your website and your business succeed. Talk to us about what you would like to accomplish and where you are currently at. We offer a free consultation to help provide strategy and direction.

Websites | An Introduction

An Introduction To Websites

Back in the pre-internet decades, when people wanted to find a company, they would pull out the phone-book. Companies would compete to be seen first in the alphabetized listings with names starting with “AAA” or “A-1”. It was also important to make good use of the provided ad space. A good design with a clever message would differentiate you from the competition. In modern times, the only thing that has changed is the medium. The internet is now where companies compete to be seen first (on Google and other search engines). An attractive website with a clear message differentiates your company from the rest.

It is easier than ever to have a great looking website and be on the internet. It is more difficult to make yourself known, be found by the right people, and gain new customers. What every website needs is a solid strategy behind it. A website is much more than an online business card. It is much more than a virtual storefront for your products or services. It is you. It is your brand. It is an extension of your product or services. A strategic website adds value for potential and existing customers. It contributes to the overall experience that they have with your company or brand.

Websites In Calgary

Websites In Calgary

Calgary is a modern city with an increasly connected population. The internet helps form the lifestyles of everyone from teenagers to grandparents. For consumers, and for many businesses, the internet is the primary source of information. Strategic businesses are creating online touch-points at each step of the consumer decision-making process. There are very few industries in which online presence is not a huge competitive factor. The large amount of small and medium size business in Calgary make it more competitive and necessary for some strategy. Websites that present a positive experience will work well on any device. For many businesses almost half of their online traffic comes from mobile devices. A good experience is also supported by fast page speeds, easy navigation, and an attractive design. Succesful websites are well managed with a focus on user experience. Companies increase their chances of online success by monitoring their traffic and making strategic implementations.

Website Strategy

Our Approach To Websites

Our goal is to demystify the internet and provide you with website strategies that are inline with your marketing goals. We work solely with small and medium size businesses, which often means limited ressources and budgets. That is okay! With advancements in technology website design and management is easier than ever. The harder part is defining your brand, identifying your target audience, and knowing which competitors to focus on. We will help you with all of it! Talk to us about your website and how it fits into your value offering for customers. Let’s work together to create an incredible experience.

Website Services:

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Fast, reliable and secure hosting solutions for your business website.
Website Design

Website Design

Strategic websites that look great and support your marketing strategy.
Website Management


Ensure consistent performance, monitor website traffic and track competitor websites.
content management systems | CMS

CMS Platforms

Use WordPress or another CMS and have full control over your website content.
Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate

Create the best version of your website with proven conversion rate optimization methods.